Sunday, March 8, 2009


HERE’S something interesting for anyone with hearing problems.

Clarisound Professional Hearing Care is introducing a new range of products to quell any fears one might have of hearing technology.

The company recently introduced the world’s smallest hearing instrument, one of the most innovative hearing aids in the world.

“It’s the Beltone Marq, weighing just 1.4 grams, no bigger than a 20-sen coin and designed to disappear discreetly behind your ear,” said Clarisound managing director Kieran McCarry.

“The major contributing factors are its cosmetic appearance and the fear of what others think about us,” he said.“The Marq increases gain throughout the speech area, enhances frequency response, improves adaptive directionality, cuts noise considerably and, using high performance receivers, offers a wider frequency range than other receiver-in-ear (RIE) fittings.”

Another Clarisound hearing aid that has changed people’s lives is the MyLink FM Receiver which is compatible with all hearing instruments with a T-coil, including custom products.

The Smart Noise Blocker reduces the output of the FM receiver when no useful signal is present. When the transmitter is switched off, MyLink does not start hissing as it is switched off by a soft squelch.

MyLink also becomes a wireless headset for people with normal hearing when headphones are connected. A rapidly growing number of hearing impaired adults are discovering and enjoying the tremendous benefits of wireless technology.

With the FM Receiver, more people can enjoy family gatherings, dinner table discussions, conversations in noisy places and television.

If you’re more of a Bluetooth person, the SmartLink Transmitter is a communication gateway to all situations, combining all of the advantages of digital signal processing strategies.

“This unique innovation allows you to communicate effectively in all environments and take full advantage of all the communication tools available today,” said McCarry.

Integrated Bluetooth technology in SmartLink enables a bi-directional digital link between wearers’ hearing instruments and their Bluetooth mobile phones.

Any external audio input or external microphone signal can be transmitted wirelessly via SmarkLink to the hearing instrument, simply by attaching to the smart interface.