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From the onset, it is important to point out that most people refer to Emotional Freedom Technique by its acronym, EFT.

After using EFT for a wide variety of physical and emotional health related issues for the past 10 years, many people seem to receive some insight into this subject when they are told, “EFT is like acupuncture for the emotions – except that needles are not used.” Although there is not a lot of genuinely solid information in that little gem of an explanation, many people get a satisfying glimmer of understanding to know that EFT is about a physical treatment of an emotional issue. Perhaps this understanding and acceptance comes more from knowing that EFT approaches emotional issues from an entirely different direction than the endless talk-therapies that are primarily noted for not being terribly effective. These same people also like to know that EFT does not treat emotional issues with mind-altering chemicals; also primarily thought to not be terribly effective by some people and far too effective by others. This latter group avoids these psychotherapeutic drugs because of the dulling, numbing or edgy side-effects that often accompanies the medication of human emotions.

Emotional Freedom Technique is the application of a simple tapping sequence applied by the fingertips to particular traditional acupuncture points on the face, hands and truck of the body. This tapping is performed while the individual who is doing EFT holds a very specific thought or memory that has a strongly negative influence on that individual.

The vast majority of those treated with EFT experience a noticeable and immediate reduction of stress in regard to the stressful thought or memory that was held in place while the individual performed the EFT tapping sequence. Preposterous you say? Totally without scientific merit? An affront to 100 years of psychiatric research and therapy? Perhaps. But the MDs, PhDs and others who actively work in mental health disciplines don’t seem to mind once they get the hang of applying EFT to their otherwise non-responsive patients and clients.

Once the exact issue that should be treated with this energy healing therapy, there is almost always a noticeable change in the negative emotions related to that issue – most of the time considerable or complete relief, and sometimes only partial or very small. Usually, the problem that occurs when only a small degree of improvement is due to the limitation of time. Most who perform EFT will allow that with adequate time, and adequate repetition for complex cases, EFT would eventually provide considerable or complete relief in most cases.

As experienced in actual practice of the real world, Emotional Freedom Technique does not always help every person on every issue, every time. However, it very frequently provides positive and lasting benefits to most people on most issues. Or to say it another way, while it does not help all people all the time, it does possess an above-average track record when compared to conventional therapy for mental and emotional issues. In addition, it often is able to offer positive and lasting improvement to many people when nothing else has been able to help them.

To answer this most common and basic question, there is no reasonable way to know ahead of time how well – or if – anyone will respond to EFT. Perhaps the best way to find out if EFT can help a particular challenge for someone is simply to use EFT to learn firsthand what it can accomplish.

The only limitation of Emotional Freedom Technique to assist emotional and physical health is the limit of the mind to influence these same issues. For this reason, Gary Craig, the man who formulated Emotional Freedom Technique in the early 1990s, suggests that a person should “try EFT on everything!”

Emotional Freedom Technique can be deceptively simple and complex to understand. For someone discovering this branch of Alternative Medicine, known as a variety of energy psychology, it might be helpful to discuss EFT from the abstract direction of what EFT is not in comparison to things you already know. Thus:

EFT is NOT a good technique to be used with severely mentally ill, severely emotionally disturbed, or unstable individuals.
EFT is NOT hypnosis, NLP, cognitive-behavioral therapy, prayer, nor any technique with similar protocols or compatible theories that support its philosophy or methodology.
EFT is NOT the practice of psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis or any kind of medical talk therapy. Perhaps most of all, think of EFT as a do-it-yourself stress relief technique that can be broadly administered to a broad range of negative emotions.
EFT is NOT a substitute or replacement for medication prescribed by a medical doctor. EFT is an energy healing therapy in a class of its own; a complementary Alternative Medicine procedure that is part of the growing field of energy psychology.
EFT is NOT a replacement or substitute for medical diagnosis or therapy, or mental health treatment by Medical Doctors.
EFT is NOT a therapy of exclusion, but it is a therapy of inclusion; it is not a substitute or replacement to avoid learning or applying healthy interpersonal skills; with EFT a person is better able to lead outward to interact responsibly within social limits, interacting, sharing, listening to others thoughtfully and respectfully.

When used appropriately and responsibly, EFT is a non-invasive adaptation of ancient acupuncture concepts that serve to enhance emotional peace, promote physical well-being, and support spiritual growth and understanding. When used in accordance of its developer, Gary Craig, EFT will allow the individual to experience less stress during previously stressful events and memories. The medical community who use it is beginning to understand it is capable of changing lives without the use of medicine or prolonged discussion of psychoanalytic concepts.

All of the great things that Emotional Freedom Technique accomplishes can be done easily and quickly in a traditional office setting, or even while doing EFT over the phone. Negative emotions, such as fear, anger, anxiety, phobias, worry, sleeplessness, and a host of common negative emotions can be promptly treated with the energy psychology of EFT, in-person or over the phone. After a few EFT sessions, most people notice they remain more calm and controlled in their everyday encounters.

It is always wise to seek the services of a skilled and accomplished EFT practitioner for best results.


The word therapy, whenever we hear it, makes us visualize a comfortable couch where we relax and tell our sad story to a therapist for as long as we like. However, this is merely one form of therapy, although this is one of the most common ones. At the core of this tactic is the idea of mutual cooperation between the therapist and his patient, so they work out a solution together. And while this mutual cooperative relation is the main idea in therapy, the techniques and approaches differ significantly. Let’s see some common forms of therapy that are successfully practiced nowadays.

One of the most famous types is Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic therapy, though it is often misunderstood by many. Some often refer to this as talk therapy, as the clients typically talk about their problems and life history, while the therapist listens and makes notes which he can later use to diagnose the problem. The hypothesis behind this practice is that childhood activities and the subconscious mind may have something that’s causing psychological problem. So the focus is on finding incidents and events in the patient’s life that may be responsible for his abnormal behavior.

Like all other things in our world, psychoanalytic theory has had its share of criticism. Many opine that this type of therapy is costly, takes a lot of time and often ineffective. However, it allows patients to burst open and tell stories that they have been hiding inside for years. Sharing these personal accounts, weeping a bit over them, and getting a pat on the back by a therapist relieves the burden from the patient’s mind.

Another major type is group therapy, which is becoming popular day by day due to its numerous advantages over other forms. A number of patients collaborate with one or more therapists to form a support group, and each member helps each other and shares stories. Because of group sessions, this method costs significantly less than individual sessions. When people suffering from similar issues join together, they get rid of the loneliness that often accompanies psychological problems. And the social interaction and mutual support of members encourages patients to exercise new behaviors and adopt new perceptions.

Finally, we will touch upon Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), where the therapist seeks to find faulty cognitions that are resulting in maladaptive behavior. The hypothesis behind CBT is that our beliefs and way of thinking bring us psychological problems. So therapists who choose CBT seek to change the thinking and conceptions of their patients, which is highly effective in treating phobias where misconceptions become deep-rooted in our minds through continuous reinforcements.

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QUANTUM OF SOLACE continues the high octane adventures of James Bond (DANIEL CRAIG) in CASINO ROYALE.

Betrayed by Vesper, the woman he loved, 007 fights the urge to make his latest mission personal. Pursuing his determination to uncover the truth, Bond and M (JUDI DENCH) interrogate Mr White (JESPER CHRISTENSEN) who reveals the organisation which blackmailed Vesper is far more complex and dangerous than anyone had imagined.

Forensic intelligence links an Mi6 traitor to a bank account in Haiti where a case of mistaken identity introduces Bond to the beautiful but feisty Camille (OLGA KURYLENKO), a woman who has her own vendetta. Camille leads Bond straight to Dominic Greene (MATHIEU AMALRIC), a ruthless business man and major force within the mysterious organisation.

On a mission that leads him to Austria, Italy and South America, Bond discovers that Greene, conspiring to take total control of one of the world’s most important natural resources, is forging a deal with the exiled General Medrano (JOAQUIN COSIO). Using his associates in the organisation, and manipulating his powerful contacts within the CIA and the British government, Greene promises to overthrow the existing regime in a Latin American country, giving the General control of the country in exchange for a seemingly barren piece of land.

In a minefield of treachery, murder and deceit, Bond allies with old friends in a battle to uncover the truth. As he gets closer to finding the man responsible for the betrayal of Vesper, 007 must keep one step ahead of the CIA, the terrorists and even M, to unravel Greene’s sinister plan and stop his organisation.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Ferrari will be giving its 599XX its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show this week. The vehicle, which will be finished in a colour matching the F2008, is essentially a technological laboratory aimed at a select group of clients much like the FXX was, and will incorporate technological solutions being used for the first time and developed exclusively for the car.

Now with more letters - the 599 GTB Fiorano HGTE.
The show will also premiere the Handling GT Evoluzione (HGTE) Package for the 599 GTB Fiorano, and items in the HGTE pack are stiffer springs, thicker anti-roll bars, a retuned exhaust system as well as new 20-inch wheels and a new front grille. The promise here is of course a sportier, more dynamic drive experience, and the vehicle on display at the show will feature a new three-layer metallic Rosso shade.
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Lexus will be presenting the new RX 450h crossover at the Geneva Motor Show this week.

Big, but effiecient, that's the go with this one.

Powered by a series/parallel hybrid system employing a 3.5l V6 petrol block and two powerful electric motors working in tandem to provide the juice for the four-wheel drive vehicle, the RX 450h will have 295bhp on call, a top speed of 200kmh and a 7.8sec 0-100kmh acceleration time for basic figures.

Meaty, in every sense of the word.

The other initial figures for the vehicle are in the areas of efficiency; the revised Lexus Hybrid Drive system in use here offers a significantly lower CO2 emissions level of 148g/km, a figure that bests the competition in the premium crossover class, including the best-performing diesels.As for fuel efficiency, it offers a 28% improvement in combined cycle consumption compared to the RX 400h.

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HERE’S something interesting for anyone with hearing problems.

Clarisound Professional Hearing Care is introducing a new range of products to quell any fears one might have of hearing technology.

The company recently introduced the world’s smallest hearing instrument, one of the most innovative hearing aids in the world.

“It’s the Beltone Marq, weighing just 1.4 grams, no bigger than a 20-sen coin and designed to disappear discreetly behind your ear,” said Clarisound managing director Kieran McCarry.

“The major contributing factors are its cosmetic appearance and the fear of what others think about us,” he said.“The Marq increases gain throughout the speech area, enhances frequency response, improves adaptive directionality, cuts noise considerably and, using high performance receivers, offers a wider frequency range than other receiver-in-ear (RIE) fittings.”

Another Clarisound hearing aid that has changed people’s lives is the MyLink FM Receiver which is compatible with all hearing instruments with a T-coil, including custom products.

The Smart Noise Blocker reduces the output of the FM receiver when no useful signal is present. When the transmitter is switched off, MyLink does not start hissing as it is switched off by a soft squelch.

MyLink also becomes a wireless headset for people with normal hearing when headphones are connected. A rapidly growing number of hearing impaired adults are discovering and enjoying the tremendous benefits of wireless technology.

With the FM Receiver, more people can enjoy family gatherings, dinner table discussions, conversations in noisy places and television.

If you’re more of a Bluetooth person, the SmartLink Transmitter is a communication gateway to all situations, combining all of the advantages of digital signal processing strategies.

“This unique innovation allows you to communicate effectively in all environments and take full advantage of all the communication tools available today,” said McCarry.

Integrated Bluetooth technology in SmartLink enables a bi-directional digital link between wearers’ hearing instruments and their Bluetooth mobile phones.

Any external audio input or external microphone signal can be transmitted wirelessly via SmarkLink to the hearing instrument, simply by attaching to the smart interface.


The target of the Boys Brigade's march against the scourge is to reach out to 100,000 young Malaysians by the end of the year.

Faced with the fact that globally one person between 15 and 24 becomes infected with HIV every 15 seconds, the brigade decided to boldly embark on its "Reachout -- Youth Against HIV/AIDS". It is the project with the Malaysian AIDS Council and the Ministry of Health.

Engaging youths in HIV/AIDS prevention activities is a big challenge. Many people, including parents and teachers, do not talk, share information or teach young people about HIV/AIDS. The brigade initiated talks on the project with the council in 2007 and launched it in April last year.

MAC was aggressively looking how they could reach out to young people and we have about 10,000 members. So far, 6,000 members are being trained to be peer educators through the Red Ribbon Award programme where each of them must reach out to 15 of their friends and family members within a certain time. Many youths have sex with their boyfriends or girlfriends without taking precaution. Youths must know safe sex to avoid being infected with the disease.

HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through high-risk behaviour like unprotected sex, the sharing of needles used to inject drugs and for tattooing. People who have sexually transmitted disease, such as syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea or bacterial vaginosis are at greater risk for getting HIV during sex with infected partners. The emphasis of the brigade's campaign is prevention because there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.

The strategic plan for 2008-2010 is to reduce vulnerability and infection among young people and create a supportive environment for HIV prevention. The AIDS Council and Health Ministry officials have trained 350 officers of the brigade on how to conduct an awareness day programme where talks, a question-and-answer session and exhibition will be held.

In some of the awareness day programmes, the brigade invited people living with HIV to give talks and some of them had staged a drama show called "Fallen Leaf" to highlight their plight and the discrimination. they suffer.